Who are the Campalagian?

Most of the Campalagian live in the Campalagian district, one hour east of the city of Majene, in the province of South Sulawesi. A large majority of the people live in fertile lowland areas that are conducive to growing various kinds of crops. This people group is also known as the Tulumpanueae or the Tasing. The language and culture of the Campalagian are heavily influenced by their more populous and powerful neighbors, the Toraja and the Bugis. The Campalagian identify more closely with the … [Read more...]

Who are the Mamboru?

The Mamboru people live on the northwestern coast of Sumba, just south of Flores. Sumba is in East Nusa Tenggara Province. Much of interior Sumba consists of extensive plateaus, with scattered, irregular hills, particularly in the western part. The climate is hot and dry. The Mamboru people are closely related to the Wanukaka, Lamboya and Anakalangu, but their languages are completely different. What Are Their Lives Like? Their livelihood is primarily a combination of small-scale farming and … [Read more...]

Who are the Lisela?

Most Lisela live on the northern and eastern coasts of Buru Island. Some live on Ambon. Both Buru and Ambon islands are part of the Maluku Islands. The Lisela are sometimes called Buru, Buru Utara, Li Enyorot, Liet Enjorot, or Wayapu. They speak the Lisela and Tagalisa dialects. What Are Their Lives Like? The Lisela live in a region marked by tropical rain forests and savannahs. Most of their income comes from cultivating cloves, nutmeg, copra, coffee, cashew nuts, and cocoa beans. Some … [Read more...]