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The People of Java

The following is a list of Unreached People Groups on the islands of Java and Madura.



Who are the Banten?

When Indonesians hear “Banten”, they often think of the mystical arts. The Banten are basically Sunda who have had a different identity since the time of the establishment of the Banten Kingdom, which broke off from the Padjajaran Kingdom of West Java. The Banten live in Banten Province in the southwest of the island of Java. Currently, most Banten live in the regencies of Pandeglang, Serang, Lebak, and western Tangerang, as well as the cities of Cilegon and Serang. The Banten speak a dialect of … [Read more...]

Who Are the Sundanese?

The Sundanese are the largest unreached people group in Indonesia; their homeland is in the province of West Java. The area inhabited by the Sunda is called “Sunda Land.” The Sunda live near the Javanese, Banten, Betawi, and the coastal Javanese of Kulon. The Sunda are also called Priangan or Parahyangan. What are their lives like? For many generations, Sundanese have lived in West Java. Traditionally, the Sunda have been farmers, both for their own needs and for commerce. Due to the … [Read more...]

Who Are the Madurese?

The Madurese people are the third largest people group in Indonesia. Most Madurese live on the island of Madura and in the eastern part of the island of Java. Other major pockets of Madurese people can be found in Jakarta, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and even Singapore. “E tembang pote matah, angok pote tolang” means “it is better to die than to be humiliated.” This is a common Madura sentiment that typifies their nature, a proud and purposeful people, who are known as fierce fighters and very hard … [Read more...]