Leaving Islam

ApostasyAdit grew up in a home with a Muslim father and a Catholic mother in Indonesia. His Catholic grandparents often babysat him when he was little, and they told him stories about Jesus, which he liked. But his father hired a Quran tutor so she could learn how to recite the Quran. And in fourth grade, Adit’s tutor told him only Muslims can enter paradise. That was the beginning of his journey to becoming atheist.

In his second year of university, he stopped practicing Islam. He stopped praying, fasting, and going to the mosque. He still pretended he was Muslim when he went home, praying with his father. He studied Buddhism for a while, but grew skeptical because of its supernatural aspects. Becoming an atheist was not a conscious decision for him, it just happened gradually.

Adit is just one of many young Indonesians who have become frustrated by Islam and its teachings.

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Pray for Adit and the many other Indonesians who have left Islam to find hope in Jesus. Pray for workers to know how to reach out to this group

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