Multiple Blasts in Jakarta

bom-sarinahOn Thursday, January 14, at 10:50 a.m., a bomb went off near Sarinah Shopping Center. Over the next few minutes, more bombs went off, including one in a Starbucks. In the hours that followed, police engaged in gunfire with the terrorists. It wasn’t long before ISIS confirmed that they carried out this attack, stating, “In a unique security operation, a group of Islamic State soldiers targeted a group of Crusader citizens who are fighting the Islamic State in Jakarta,” the statement said. “May the civilians of the Crusader alliance and those who protect them know that there is no safety for them in the lands of Muslims after today, God willing.”

Seven people died, including three suicide bombers and two civilians, an Indonesian and a Canadian. Police also killed two other militants, and found six other bombs before they were detonated. Many people were also injured and are still in the hospital.

Read the full story here.

Pray for this attack to cause Indonesians to consider the afterlife more seriously, and that workers would be able to use it to share the gospel.

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