177 Indonesians Detained for Posing as Filipinos

177-indonesian-hajj-in-phillipinesA group of Indonesians were trying to go on hajj, but were detained in Manila because they had forged Philippine passports. Vice President Jusuf Kalla says the travel agency should take responsibility, and that the Indonesians are victims, not suspects.

It is believed that they were going on Filipino passports because Saudi Arabia gives every country a hajj quota, and the current Indonesian quota is much smaller than the people who want to go. The current waiting list is 20 years, costing $6,000-10,000. There is currently construction happening in Mecca to make room for more people, and once the construction is finished, they will raise the quota for hajj participants, and Indonesians should “only” have to wait 10 years to go.

Read the full story here.

Pray that there would be not be a need for a larger hajj quota because Indonesians are coming to know Jesus! Pray they would be freed from the bondage of a religion that requires things like pilgrimages.

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