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Christ for All Peoples

This website has resources in many different languages, including Indonesian. It also has tips for ways you can reach out to internationals in the U.S.


The God’s Story Project

The story of the Bible in many different languages, including Indonesian.


The Jesus Film Project

You can watch the Jesus Film in lots of different languages! As well as Indonesian, there is Sundanese, several Javanese dialects, several Batak dialects, Balinese, and more.


Joshua Project

This website has people group profiles of every people group in the world, including Indonesia. You can find out what the people group’s lives are like, what language they speak, if they have the Bible in their language, and more.



A website to help you learn more about the church in Indonesia. It has resources, news articles, and videos.



An Indonesian NGO doing Bible translation. They have bilingual portions of the New Testament that are great for English speakers going to Indonesia. The website is in Indonesian.


Global Recordings Network or (mobile)

Global Recordings is trying to record the Good News into every language and dialect. They have MANY languages in Indonesia. As well as the Good News, they have testimonies, discipleship material, and an audio drama based on the Jesus Film.


Friends of Sumatra

A blog that gives information and prayer requests for Sumatra


Joyo News

A non-profit, subscriber supported news service that gives news specifically about Indonesia


Isa and Islam (English); (Indonesian); (Indonesian, focused on women)

Websites that are focused on sharing the Gospel with Indonesians in a way they understand.


Christ for the Island World

A Ministry that reaches Indonesia through Indonesians.


Asia Pacific Media

A ministry that is reaching Asians through different types of media.


Christian Video Clips

A ministry that desires to reach Muslims through short videos.


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    How do I download the prayer guide? I registered my email to receive updates.

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